The Rise Of eSports Betting

We live in tough times. A pandemic keeps us inside, effectively cutting down any large-scale event, from concerts and sports to graduation ceremonies. Workplaces are moving online, and so are sports. While eSports has been around for a while, the spike in viewership and cash prizes mean that it is enjoying success on a scale hitherto unheard of. What was once just an exciting means of competing with people around the globe has turned into a full-scale sport, with million-dollar sponsorship deals, crazy viewership across the board, and massive cash prizes. It isn’t something physical, which means that the pandemic hasn’t affected it at all. In fact, it helped eSports position itself as a viable alternative to orthodox sports that are now facing a decline. While games across major sports have either been delayed or canceled entirely due to the pandemic and other unforeseen circumstances, eSports continues to thrive. And that makes it a worthy investment of your time and resources. For eSports is here to stay.

How Going Online Changed Things

While traditional sports betting relied on dealers at the venue or otherwise physical locations, new betting apps let you place bets from the comfort of your home. Improvements in internet connections and the advent of mobile means that you could even get a taste of the glory for yourself, from your home or on the go. Betting on teams is a vastly different experience from your typical slot online encounter. This means that wagers can also be sent in at the last minute, letting you work on the odds of teams and their opponents well in advance before making the call. This entices novices of betting and sports fans of all kinds to take a look at the juggernaut of the industry: eSports. Gamers are now celebrities in their fields and enjoy a fanbase that would have been unthinkable just a couple of years ago.

With a host of information available on the internet about the world’s top streamers and gamers like their vital signs and health status (courtesy of fitness trackers), fans can always be in the loop with their idols. These stats could also come into the picture when wagers of incredible proportions are placed by fans or businesses. These apps work similarly to other online gambling sites like Judi online among others. Invest in your favorite team or player today and reap the rewards! eSports is more relevant than ever before, especially in these times.